Thanks for your quick reply, but I do not know what that means... Where 
would I find this out and how would I accomplish this if it is not done?

Thanks again.

"Per Jessen" <> wrote in message 
Gary wrote:

> I am recieving a fatal error trying to connect to my server/mysql.
> This is my first attempt at connecting to a remote server, have been
> successful with localhost (apache). I had the variation of not putting
> the hostname & others into a variable, but that did not work either.
> I have also genericised the username and password for this post. Host
> name is correct.
> Can anyone enlighted me as to what I am not doing correctly?
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqli_connect() in

Check if the mysqli extension has been loaded.


Per Jessen, Zürich (10.9°C)

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