Ok.. I have added


;Gary, this is the code from the forum.

to the php.ini file on my machine, I saved the file.  Is there anything else 
I need to do?

Thanks again.

"Per Jessen" <p...@computer.org> wrote in message 
Gary wrote:

> I had the code written the way you suggested, but changed it to the
> way the hosting company suggested.

I think your hosting company might be smoking something they shouldn't
be.  Your way is the right one.

> I am unclear.  I have php on my local machine, I also have
> MySQL 5.1.30 set up locally as well.


> I am using godaddy.com as a host. I assumed that the php was running
> on the host server and the local php that I have/use is only for the
> testing server.
> Does this sound correct to you?

Let me paraphrase - you've been developing an application in your local
environment, and you're now moving it to your hosting environment.  It
sounds very much like the mysqli extension isn't loaded (by default) in
your hosting environment.

Find out by calling phpinfo() - if there is no information from mysqli,
the extension wasn't loaded.  Or try using extension_loaded('mysqli')
and see what that says.

To load the extension, you could use dl() in your code although it might
have been disabled.  Otherwise you need to modify the correct php.ini
and add the extension=mysqli.so line.


Per Jessen, Zürich (10.4°C)

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