I had the code written the way you suggested, but changed it to the way the 
hosting company suggested.

I am unclear.  I have php on my local machine, I also have MySQL 
5.1.30 set up locally as well.

I am using godaddy.com as a host. I assumed that the php was running on the 
host server and the local php that I have/use is only for the testing 

Does this sound correct to you?

Again, many thanks.

"Per Jessen" <p...@computer.org> wrote in message 
Gary wrote:

> Ok, I know how to access the php.ini for the local host, is this the
> same file that would control the remote server?  Or do I need to look
> for it on my remote host?

The php.ini you need to look at is the one one the server where you're
running your PHP code.  The remote host is just your database server I

Your code does look a little odd though:

$dbc = mysqli_connect('$hostname','$username','$password')
or die('Error connecting to MySQL server');

I would have written this as:

$dbc = mysqli_connect($hostname,$username,$password,$usertable)
or die('Error connecting to MySQL server');


Per Jessen, Zürich (10.7°C)

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