tedd wrote:
At 6:31 PM -0700 3/14/09, Richard Kurth wrote:
I have a script that is passing a area in a $_POST and it does not pass
the data. When I try to look at the data with $_POST['fieldorder'] it
its empty but when I look at it with $_REQUEST['fieldorder'] the data is
there. This seams very strange to me. It has been working for about 6
months with no problem and then all of a sudden it does not pass the
data anymore. The real funny thing is the rest of the data that is sent
that is not an area gets past in a $_POST works just fine.Would there be
something in the php.ini file that I have changed that would case this.

What method is your form using?



It is using POST as it always has but it just stopped working for the one post the one with an array in it.

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