Shawn McKenzie wrote:
tedd wrote:
At 6:31 PM -0700 3/14/09, Richard Kurth wrote:
I have a script that is passing a area in a $_POST and it does not pass
the data. When I try to look at the data with $_POST['fieldorder'] it
its empty but when I look at it with $_REQUEST['fieldorder'] the data is
there. This seams very strange to me. It has been working for about 6
months with no problem and then all of a sudden it does not pass the
data anymore. The real funny thing is the rest of the data that is sent
that is not an area gets past in a $_POST works just fine.Would there be
something in the php.ini file that I have changed that would case this.
What method is your form using?



And what is an area?  A textarea?

This is the form that is being sent as a post and the fieldorder[] is the part that is not sending properly. But it has worked for about a year in the script. It just stopped working. and I did not change anything in this script

<form action="import.php" method="post">
<!-- <form action="testimport.php" method="post"> -->
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=members_id VALUE=<?php echo $_SESSION["members_id"];?>>
   <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=copy VALUE='<?php echo $_POST['copy'];?>'>
   <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=format VALUE=<?php echo $_POST['format'];?>>
    <input type="hidden" name="doit" value="no">

<TR><TH><font class=fieldlabel>Our Fields</font></TH><TH><font class=fieldlabel>Your Data</font></TH></TR>
       /*echo $_POST['format'];
       echo $copy;
$fieldnumber = 0;
         while (list(,$field) = each($fields)){
             echo "    <TR>\n";
             echo "        <TD><SELECT NAME=fieldorder[]>\n";
             $anyselected = '';

             while (list(,$description) = each($descriptionfields)){
                  list(,$possible) = each($possiblefields);

$selected = @(($fieldorder[$fieldnumber] == $possible) ? 'SELECTED' : '');
                 if ($fieldnumber >= count($fieldorder) && !$anyselected){
                     $selected = 'SELECTED';
echo "<OPTION value=\"$possible\" $selected>$description</OPTION>\n";
             echo "        </SELECT></TD>\n";
             echo "        <TD>$field</TD>\n";
             echo "    </TR>\n";
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='<|'></TD>
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='<10'></TD>
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='<'></TD>
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='>'></TD>
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='>10'></TD>
           <TD><input type=submit name='recorddelta' value='|>'></TD>
           <TD COLSPAN=6>
Jump To: <INPUT NAME=recordnumber SIZE=5 VALUE=<?php echo $recordnumber;?>>
               <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME=recorddelta VALUE="Jump">
<font class=fieldlabel>If the first Row is the Header Row You must check this box</FONT> <input type="checkbox" name="firstheader" value="">
<font class=fieldlabel>Pick a Category to import these contacts to</FONT>
$sqlu="SELECT value,discription FROM category WHERE members_id = '$_SESSION[members_id]'";
?> <HR>
   <font class="instructions">
       <P>Once you're happy with the fields lining up click Import</P>
<P><I>Double-check everything before you IMPORT</I></P></FONT>

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