Richard Kurth wrote:
tedd wrote:
At 8:56 AM -0700 3/15/09, Richard Kurth wrote:
This is the form that is being sent as a post and the fieldorder[] is the part that is not sending properly. But it has worked for about a year in the script. It just stopped working. and I did not change anything in this script

-snip- code

If it was my problem, I see the script is riddled with inconsistencies. As such, I would pass it through validation to discover all the errors. Then I would fix those errors and then see if the problem continues.

Granted, some people don't think validation is important, but I'm positive that I could get your script to work by simply cleaning up the code.


You are probly right. But I got this script from Rasmus Lerdor about a year ago and I changed very little. It has worked just fine sence I started using it. Who am I to question Rasmus's coding. I am now using $_Request to capture the array for fieldorder[] and $_POST to get the rest of the data.

Personally... I don't care who's code it is, if it was me, I'd still go out and validate it... If someone typed something out real quick and missed a period, it wouldn't be their fault :)

As has been said by some big higher up's in this very mailing list... "Treat all code as pseudo code, don't copy and paste it without understanding what it could do to your system" or something along those lines... :)

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