> As a matter of fact "DANIEL" .......I AM A REAL PERSON !!!!!
> You know, I really hate it that people like YOU reply back to me with your
> self-vain - self-important attitudes - and act like no one else on the F-ing
> planet has the right to live or even share the same air you breath!!!!
> YOU "DANIEL" are NOT that great! You are NO BETTER than me or anyone else
> here.
> As I CLEARLY state in my email, I work with other web developers in helping
> them do small menial work which just consumes their time and I have a crew
> of people willing to work and who just want to put FOOD on their TABLES! Do
> you understand that "DANIEL"?
> No one here is trying to OFFEND DANIEL HIS ALMIGHTY GREATNESS....we're just
> all trying to make the economy go around by generating business.......or do
> I have to teach you about that as well???
> You know, before you go off being nasty about everything and trying to
> assert your SELF-appointed importance - why don’t you kindly say - don’t
> email us here - of course I will not. I have no interest in causing anyone
> any hassles, including myself.
> Had I known I would have met such unkind, unprofessional, self-centered
> attitude I wouldn't have even bothered to try to make contact with you.
> This whole attitude of anti-business that's taking place in the world is
> just going to lead to Government dependency and elimination of all personal
> Freedoms to self-expression and self-reliance. So you may call me a spammer
> but I am entitled to try my best to pay my own bills rather than ask for an
> Uncle Sam handout.
> I hope the best to all of you and great success to your Families and your
> businesses.
> ~Samantha (a real person)

hi Samantha,

Real or not, please post appropriate to the list.
This is about PHP programming not advertising services.
We do understand your intentions but this is not the right forum for
something like this.

Thank you.


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