From: Michael A. Peters
> Angus Mann wrote:
>> Hi all, I'm fairly new to PHP so I don't have too many bad habits
>> I'm keen to make my code easy to read for me in the future, and for 
>> others as well.
>> Are there any rules or advice I can use for formatting (especially 
>> indenting) code?
>> for example how best to format / indent this ?

> To each his own. Whatever floats your canoe.
> Just whatever you pick, stick to it throughout your code.
>> I'm using "PHP designer 2008" which does syntax coloring but if it
>> something to automatically indent - I haven't found it yet.
> It probably allows you to either set a specify a tab as a real tab or
> specified number of spaces. Auto-indenting - this isn't python, the 
> compiler doesn't enforce it's way, you follow the convention of the 
> project you are working on - so I suspect many php editors tailored to

> php don't have an auto indent.
> I've never of course tried that specific product. I use bluefish, vi, 
> and emacs.

To take this question a step further, is there a PHP best practices
document available? I am looking for one that I can give to a new
programmer and tell her "do it this way until you can explain to me why
you shouldn't."

Bob McConnell

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