At 10:57 AM +0100 3/23/09, Nabil Khamassi wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a first-year student at the ENSIMAG, one of the french educational
institutions in informatics, applied mathematics and telecommunications,
pioneer in the field of information processing and I am writing this letter
to show my deep motivation and interest to work on the PHP Project that I
saw on your website.

I believe that I am new to PHP but I have strong knowledges in HTML, XML
and Javascript. In fact, since I was 16 years-old I have studied these
languages and I developped many dynamic pages based on Javascript just for
fun. Usually, I take profit from every summer to learn programmation
languages (Pascal, Ada, HTML, XML, Javascript, C++...) and practicing
softwares (Flash, 3D StudioMax 8, Blender on Ubuntu, Dreamweaver,
Frontpage...) and my two years in preparatory school and my first year of
engineering at the ENSIMAG taught me to be accurate, efficient and more
autonom in learning alone and organising my work. And now I really started
consulting the tutorials about PHP.

I am especially interested in "Integrated Code Coverage of C and PHP Code"
because I have a solid knowledge in C language (and a full-time project in
C is planned at the end of this semester in ENSIMAG) but also on parsers
that I am studying all along this year.

I really look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully.



Perhaps you should lurk for a while and find out what this list is.


Hey guys!

Anyone need some coding done?




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