Daniel Brown schreef:
> On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 05:57, Nabil Khamassi
> <nabil.khama...@ensimag.imag.fr> wrote:
>> I am especially interested in "Integrated Code Coverage of C and PHP Code"
>> because I have a solid knowledge in C language (and a full-time project in
>> C is planned at the end of this semester in ENSIMAG) but also on parsers
>> that I am studying all along this year.
>     Thanks for your message and introduction, Nabil.  I've forwarded
> your message as appropriate and if chosen from the list of candidates,
> the mentor for that sub-project will be in touch with you very soon.
>     Thanks again, and best of luck.

hey Dan, please feel free to update your newly aquired title to:

        Pretty Helpful Plenipotentiary

I feel it's still suitably implies the concept of 'self-importance' ... in case 
were worried ;-)

have a good day!

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