From: "Henrik Hansen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> strange but i heard otherwise, I heard that sorting by domain would
> speed up  thing because the mailserver allready has a connection to
> the forign mailserver, what do you mean by repeated replies?

OK, I got it partly wrong this time.  What I supposed to mean is if you
send mail with qmail (like we're using here) and if you sort outgoing
bulk mail by domain, your mail server will try to connect to that busy
remote domain with up to concurrency remote limit (in qmail) connections
via multiple processes.  That's, therefore, a bad thing for the remote
site.  These mail will then get queue in local mail queue, waiting for
another attempt.  And if that remote site is still busy, same thing will
happen again in the next attempt.  But with unsorted mail, these
situation shouldn't be as bad becuase you won't use up the concurrency
remote limit with a single busy destination.

It may be a different story with sendmail.


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