2009/3/26 George Langley <george.lang...@shaw.ca>:
>        Hi all! Am building a Search feature following the excellent tutorial 
> at:
> <http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/php/2002/10/24/simplesearchengine.html>
> It loops through a page and stores the words found in a mySQL database.
>        I have about 60 pages, and all of them share a number of common items 
> like header, menu, footer, etc. These get added as includes. The result is 
> that every page gets marked as having "Contact Us", "Terms of Use" or any 
> other item in the menu, footer, etc. I would like to limit the word list to 
> items found just in the page's unique content.
>        I do have a div with an id of "divContent" for the actual content. So 
> I could add an if statement to only start storing words found after the word 
> "divContent" has been found. But, my question is:
> How do I STOP it? Is it permissible to add the id again in the closing div 
> tag ie </div id="divContent">.
>        If this is allowed, I could keep an eye out for that id again and stop 
> it when found a second time, so that my list doesn't include items in the 
> footer (which again is common to all 60 pages) or any other items outside of 
> the content section. Or is there a better way to trigger the recording of 
> words on/off? Thanks!

You can't have any extra info in a closing HTML tag. This problem is
usually handled using comments. Something like the following...

<div id="divContent">
<!-- content begin -->
sofihsod hiosdh sdh gus us u sg
<!-- content end -->

You then just start with you see the begin comment and stop when you
hit the end comment.



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