Hi all! Am building a Search feature following the excellent tutorial 


It loops through a page and stores the words found in a mySQL database.
        I have about 60 pages, and all of them share a number of common items 
like header, menu, footer, etc. These get added as includes. The result is that 
every page gets marked as having "Contact Us", "Terms of Use" or any other item 
in the menu, footer, etc. I would like to limit the word list to items found 
just in the page's unique content.
        I do have a div with an id of "divContent" for the actual content. So I 
could add an if statement to only start storing words found after the word 
"divContent" has been found. But, my question is:

How do I STOP it? Is it permissible to add the id again in the closing div tag 
ie </div id="divContent">.

        If this is allowed, I could keep an eye out for that id again and stop 
it when found a second time, so that my list doesn't include items in the 
footer (which again is common to all 60 pages) or any other items outside of 
the content section. Or is there a better way to trigger the recording of words 
on/off? Thanks!

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