> 2009/3/26 George Langley <george.lang...@shaw.ca>:
> > How do I STOP it? Is it permissible to add the id again in the 
> closing div tag ie </div id="divContent">.

From: Stuart <stut...@gmail.com>
> You can't have any extra info in a closing HTML tag. This 
> problem is
> usually handled using comments. Something like the following...
> <div id="divContent">
> <!-- content begin -->
> sofihsod hiosdh sdh gus us u sg
> <!-- content end -->
> </div>
> You then just start with you see the begin comment and stop when you
> hit the end comment.
        Thanks! Will use a unique word like <!-- startSearchTerms --> to make 
sure is located and not accidentally found within the content.


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