Yes I was reading about this. However, try to do a search on this:

Loads of postings that do not look that good. What are all the chinese sites do? It is strange that there is no official description on regarding this support.

Thiago H. Pojda wrote:
On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Merlin Morgenstern

Some postings say that I have to compile php with --enable-zend-multibyte.
HOwever those postings are very old (2003!).

Did you see what Derick said abut this in the last comment?
[22 Aug 2005 6:35pm UTC]*
This will come with Unicode support in PHP 6.0

Is this still necessary with the newest php build?

Looks like it.

If yes, do you believe I will run into trouble on sites that are saved in

I'm not sure, you should probably wait for someone else to reply :)

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