Angus Mann wrote:
> Hi all.
> I want to have several delete buttons with just one form, and depending on 
> which button is pressed, one of several items is deleted.
> So I need multiple submit buttons for 1 form, each displaying the same text 
> "Delete" to the user, but each with a different "value" so the PHP script can 
> tell them apart.
> I've used this code for the buttons...
> <center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="1">Delete</center>
> <center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="2">Delete</center>
> <center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="3">Delete</center>
> And it works just fine with firefox. But IE does not seem to pass the value 
> back to the btid so when the script asks 
> if $_POST['btid'] == "1" {
> }
> the value 1, 2, or 3 is not given back to PHP by IE. It is given back 
> correctly by firefox and works fine.
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks.

Well, to answer your initial question, IE won't play like that - it uses the
content of the button as the value and no amount of telling it is going to
change that at present... I suspect this behaviour is one of those things that
is ambiguously specified by the standards.

The real question is ... why do you want to do that (tell the buttons apart, I
mean)? From a user's perspective, if they are labelled the same, and in the same
form, then surely they must do the same thing? Sounds like the form design needs
to fresh thought.

If you must do it like you this, you need to change the labels on the buttons,
but remember: when you come to internationalize your site with twenty-six
different languages then you'll have to check each possible translation in the
back-end code. And if you decide to put images on the buttons instead of words
then you are really up the creek...

Either: split the form up so that different delete buttons act on their
respective bits of the form.
Or: bite the bullet and use javascript onclick events to set a hidden field
which signals what the action is supposed to be in the back end.

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