What about styling a link to look like a button with css? It won't be an exact match style wise but you can get close. I have done this succesfully


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Hi all.

I want to have several delete buttons with just one form, and depending on which button is pressed, one of several items is deleted.

So I need multiple submit buttons for 1 form, each displaying the same text "Delete" to the user, but each with a different "value" so the PHP script can tell them apart.

I've used this code for the buttons...
<center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="1">Delete</center>
<center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="2">Delete</center>
<center><button type="submit" name="btid" value="3">Delete</center>

And it works just fine with firefox. But IE does not seem to pass the value back to the btid so when the script asks
if $_POST['btid'] == "1" {

the value 1, 2, or 3 is not given back to PHP by IE. It is given back correctly by firefox and works fine.

Any suggestions ?


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