>> Hello people, Is my first time that I try to do a web page with PHP and I
>> don't have Idea how I can do, but I read something tutorial and I can see
>> that is not difficult, I hope that I can do, what I need to work ??? with
>> PHP and MYSQL ??? Where I can to get this software because I go to
>> www.mysql.com and I download mysql for win 32 MSI and I install in my pc but
>> I can't see nothing !!! only MYSQL 5.1 --> (mysql command line client)
>> (mysql manual) and (mysql server instance config wizard) and How I can work
>> with mysql ?? and I download the php for www.php.net and only install me in
>> my all programs PHP 5 and inside I just only see License and PHP.ini
>> O download and installer APACHE 2.11
>> 1st- download APACHE and install it
>> 2nd- download mysql and install it
>> 3rd- donwload PHP and install it
>> It is correct this way ?? I read a tutorial with this ways, but when I
>> create a name.php page and put inside of apache server program
>> files-->apache-->htdocs if I try to open with firefox, it shows me the
>> source inside the page, and wioth internet explorer don't open me, it only
>> show me a blank page,
>> Anybody can help me please ?? I want to do web page and I have no idea.

Download a full suite of PHP+MySQL+Apache and other tools bundled
together from www.apachefriends.de

watch the marvelous video tutorials from  www.nettuts.com

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