Hi Roly,

 As previously advised, the best you can do to get started is to
install a bundle

 If you are a native Spanish speaker (I'm guessing, because of your "salu2")
 check the PHP-MySQL tutorials here http://www.illasaron.com/, you can find
 single lessons or full courses on the left sidebar here
 http://www.illasaron.com/html/ and a supporting forum here
 http://www.illasaron.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=24. You'll need to register for
 accessing the direct downloads, registering is free (there are also .torrent
 downloads for the illasaron courses at thepiratebay.org)




Rob, please keep the mail to the list. It came to me individually
only! where as I didn't ask for the solution :)\

Well, yes  ApacheFriend's XAMPP is one of the best suites ever with
lots of things in there.

And www.nettuts.com just last month released really nice tutorials for
beginners on PHP so thats really recommended if anyone wants to start
learning PHP + MySQL



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