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>  Hi Roly,
>  As previously advised, the best you can do to get started is to
> install a bundle
>  http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html
>  If you are a native Spanish speaker (I'm guessing, because of your
> "salu2")
>  check the PHP-MySQL tutorials here http://www.illasaron.com/, you can find
>  single lessons or full courses on the left sidebar here
>  http://www.illasaron.com/html/ and a supporting forum here
>  http://www.illasaron.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=24. You'll need to
> register for
>  accessing the direct downloads, registering is free (there are also
> .torrent
>  downloads for the illasaron courses at thepiratebay.org)
>  Regards,
>  Rob
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> Rob, please keep the mail to the list. It came to me individually
> only! where as I didn't ask for the solution :)\
> Well, yes  ApacheFriend's XAMPP is one of the best suites ever with
> lots of things in there.
> And www.nettuts.com just last month released really nice tutorials for
> beginners on PHP so thats really recommended if anyone wants to start
> learning PHP + MySQL
> Regards
> Lenin
> www.twitter.com/nine_L

Ooops! I forgot the "reply to all" trick ;)

I pointed out illasaron.com because it's Spanish and there's a Spanish community
around. I thought Roly is a Spanish speaker, because "salu2" is a short for
"saludos" (=greetings/regards) and he said he's also learning English.

Illasaron PHP+MySQL course starts from basic HTML all the way up to session
handling, OOP, XML Processing in PHP, building a shopping cart and creating a
small CMS. You can download single "lessons" (there are about 50 I think) or the
whole DVD as an ISO. I have nothing against nettuts.com, It's just that I prefer
facing one challenge at a time rather than three at once (learning English,
installing apache+php+mysql, learning PHP). By the time I started with English
PHP courses I could understand written and oral English already, and by the time
I learnt to install and set up a WAMP or LAMP suite from scratch, I already knew
enough PHP to do more than "hello world".

It's just that he can learn English by reading eBooks and listening to the BBC
(http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/meta/tx/nb/live/www15.asx). He can learn to
manually install and set up a full Apache+PHP+MySQL suite later. One challenge
at a time avoids frustration, that's just my experience and point of view.


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