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I have configured PHP to report all errors & warnings ("error_reporting
=       E_ALL" on php.ini file), but since then I get tons of warning
messages for "Undefined variables". For example, referring $HTTP_HOST
directly leads a message like "Undefined variable:  HTTP_HOST in ... on
line ...". I tried to use $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'] instead, but
then I get the message "Undefined index:  HTTP_HOST in ... on line ...".
How do I get rid of these messages? I also get these messages for
internal variables, cookie variables (globals) etc.

I am also interested in testing whether the user typed the URL properly,
including upper/lower case. I'm using this code to check it in the
beginning of the page:

if (strcmp($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'], '') != 0)

But, if the user enters <http://DATING.SPEEDY.CO.IL/>, this has no
effect. Is there any way to get a case sensitive version of HTTP_HOST?
(I noticed HTTP_HOST has changed since the previous version of PHP &


Uri Even-Chen
Speedy Software
Raanana, Israel.
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