I have an annoying problem, that I know is my own ignorance to PHP. I came
from PERL and this was not a problem there but is with PHP.
Here's the issue.
I have a number of scripts that use a "index.php?Task='some sort of task
name'", for example, http://www.foo.com/index.php?Task=ShowVersion
<http://www.foo.com/index.php?Task=ShowVersion> .  Then I use an if/else
statement to tell the script what to do if it sees the ShowVersion variable.
In the ShowVersion example, I would call a function that displays the
version information I defined in the script. As a back up, I always provide
an else statement to catch variables I have no functions for.
If I have a ShowVersion function, GetData function and a CreateImage
function and the Task variable is empty or a variable that does not exists
comes in like http://www.foo.com/index.php?Task=SomethingDumb
<http://www.foo.com/index.php?Task=SomethingDumb>  it would go to the
default function of something by using the ELSE part of the if/else
I hope I am describing this correctly.....now here is the problem. If I have
warnings turned on, or if I have a log written for warnings, the log fills
up if someone goes to http://www.foo.com/index.php
<http://www.foo.com/index.php>  or http://www.foo.com <http://www.foo.com>
will error messages like undefine variable TASK on line 255. I understand
the reason, that PHP was expecting the variable Task when it got to the
if/else statements. So I put in something like if(!($Task)) { function
Something(); } but it still is looking for the variable so it still errors.
In Perl, it would simply be ignored. What do I do here.
Here is a simple example of the code.
if ($Task == "ShowVersion") { function ShowVersion(); }
elseif ($Task == "GetData") { function GetData(); print "$DataOutput"; }
elseif ($Task == "CreateImage") { function CreateImage(); }
else { print "Incorrect Variable or no Variable Supplies<br>"; }

Christopher J. Crane
Network Operations Manager

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