Hi, newbie here.

I was erroneously using "error_reporting=E_ALL ~E_NOTICE" on my debug
Now, I changed it to "error_reporting=E_ALL" and I can see lots of warnings
about using undefined variables.
So, if I don't want to see warnings all over the place, I have to check
every variable with isset() before I use it.
Is it necesary that I do this all the time? Why can't I trust on the
"emptiness" of uninitialized variables?
I'm using "register_globals=Off", so there should be no problem with that.

I know it's a good practice to declare and initialize all variables, but I
need my scripts to run as fast as they can (and I'm too lazy to check every
variable before I use it, too :-)

So... do I have any choice?


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