On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 10:36:23AM -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> tedd wrote:
>> At 2:46 PM +0100 4/7/09, Nick Cooper wrote:
>>> Sorry to side track the issue, but when did this happen to you on
>>> GoDaddy?
>>> I have never experienced this problem. I have been using them for two
>>> years
>>> and I often leave domains in the checkout and come back sometimes days
>>> later
>>> and they're still $7.95.
>> This is of interest to me as well.
>> My old registrar iyd.com was sold to hover.com and the new guys have
>> some serious problems.
>> I've been thinking about combining my ~70 domain names into a single
>> registrar and GoDaddy looks good thus far.
>> So, I would like to know what problems people have-had/are-having with
>> GoDaddy.


I know a bunch of engineers at the company which hosts my LUG's lists
and website. These guys are UBERgeeks. At one time they recommended
GoDaddy, but no more. These guys register and maintain many many more
domains than I ever will. I trust their judgment.

See the above link for various reasons why GoDaddy is a poor choice.


Paul M. Foster

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