2009/4/21 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
> At 11:57 AM +0100 4/21/09, Stuart wrote:
>> Not sure what you mean by "chats" but is it anything like this...
>>    http://pnotes.org/
>> If so then I'm happy to talk about how I implemented it. Unfortunately
>> I can't release the code because it was developed for a client, but
>> it's pretty simple in concept.
>> -Stuart
> -Stuart:
> This is just a form that takes in comments, filters them, puts them into a
> db and then displays today's comments when users visits?
> That's about it, isn't it?

You know me better than that ;-)

It's a live chat system with no flash in sight. No DB either, the
whole thing is stored in Memcached.

When you post a message it should take no longer than a second to get
to all other people present. On the server-side it has a tiny
footprint of less than 2MB per 20 concurrent users.



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