Yes, indeed, the Apache footprint is quite large. Furthermore, with Xaja
design, I'm starting 2 processes per connected user.
Basically, it requires about 10Mo / user, so the footprint is really bigger
than what you are having with pnotes.

Currently, it scales quite well up to 100 users (I've never been testing
The whole interest with Xaja in my opinion is that you can do some Reverse
Ajax and Comet stuff without writing a single line of Javascript. And since
it uses only Apache and PHP, it's cross-platform.

I'll keep an eye on pnotes too, if you plan to keep evolving it. There is
only a demo on the web site right now. Do you plan to release it some day?


On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:25:29 +0100, Stuart <> wrote:
> 2009/4/21 David Négrier <>:
>> There are other ways to do this. I've been doing this in a pure PHP way
>> with Xaja (without the need of using fastcgi, with just PHP and Apache).
>> There is an explanation going on here:
>> Maybe it will make things more clear.
> Apache has a very big footprint per user, especially when it's using
> mod_php, so I'd guess you're pretty limited in terms of concurrent
> connections. The actual use case for the code is expecting
> several thousand concurrent connections at peak, potentially more.
> Xaja looks interesting tho, will be looking further into that. Thanks.
> -Stuart

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