2009/4/21 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
> At 3:27 PM +0100 4/21/09, Stuart wrote:
>> 2009/4/21 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
>>  > That's about it, isn't it?
>> You know me better than that ;-)
>> It's a live chat system with no flash in sight. No DB either, the
>> whole thing is stored in Memcached.
>> When you post a message it should take no longer than a second to get
>> to all other people present. On the server-side it has a tiny
>> footprint of less than 2MB per 20 concurrent users.
>> -Stuart
> -Stuart:
> Yeah, I figured that you would complicate matters considerably. ;-)
> And there you go again talking about stuff I'm clueless about.
> Okay, so we all can agree it's a form, right?
> And visitors can enter stuff, right?
> So what happens then? Please give me an outline of what happens and use
> short words.

I've asked the client if I can write a blog post with details of the
implementation so I'm hesitant to say too much until I get a response
from him (he's presenting in front of a pretty large crowd in London
at the moment, don't think he'll get back to me until later today).

Essentially it's a very lightweight and extremely simple
implementation of Comet[1], the result of which is near-realtime
communication from server to client.

I should note that chat is not the use case for which it was created,
but pnotes.org was the simplest chat implementation I could come up
with for testing purposes. I've since had several ideas around how I
might develop it further along these lines, but spare time is
currently in short supply.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comet_(programming)


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