At 10:45 AM +0530 4/22/09, <> wrote:
Yeah its all garbage. But its from the company. I don't know how to trim
it. Can anyone suggest?

First, tell your company that they are making a fool of themselves on the net and do they want to continue the practice? After all, their practice is hindering you in your work for them. For example, when you post a question to this list, there are people who will pass on offering you advice because your signature makes you look like an idiot.

Second, if they insist on continuing this idiotic practice, then get a different email account for yourself. There are many places where you can get an email account (i.e., gmail, yahoo, etc.) and it's pretty simple to set one up so that you can use it from work.

Just because your company has idiotic practices doesn't mean that you have to follow suit.



PS: You might also mention to the powers that be, they should clean up their web site. While they may want to project the "we know it all" image, their web site speaks volumes as to what they don't know.


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