At 11:13 AM +0200 4/24/09, Jan G.B. wrote:
2009/4/22 tedd <>:
> Your opinion as to IF I should say something, or not, carries little weight.
 When you've donated enough time helping others on this list, then perhaps
 that will change.

Sorry, but that's a bad attitude in my opinion. It's like "No matter
how right or wrong you are, I will not listen to you unless you've
kissed Johns feet 10 times, like I did."

Nonsense. It not about who kisses who's feet and you know it. You're deliberately clouding the issue in a failed attempt to support your position that signatures should of any length. That's bullshit.

My point is that many of us donate our time on a regular basis to this list to help others. And those regulars I consider friends. As such their comments and opinions matter.

Whereas, your opinion doesn't matter much because you haven't contributed anything I can remember other than a "superior than thou" attitude about my comments that a poster should trim his signature, which is considered normal and proper for posting to a list.

It's not hard to find support for my claim, such as:

So please, if your going to do nothing but be argumentative and present obtuse opinion to boost your ego, then find something else to do with your time. As far as I can see, you are wasting it here.




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