At 6:31 PM +0200 4/22/09, Jan G.B. wrote:
I believe that you all should just overread the huge signature.
You've wasted a lot bandwidth with this discussion about the signature. :-)
It's not interesting.
You could have send your pointless replies to the person, skipping the
mailing list, so that we aren't annoyed by your drivel which is send
to thousnads of mail servers.

2009/4/22 tedd <>:
 Second, if they insist on continuing this idiotic practice, then get a
 different email account for yourself. There are many places where you can
 get an email account (i.e., gmail, yahoo, etc.) and it's pretty simple to
 set one up so that you can use it from work.

Some companies will fire you for using private email at work. => VERY GOOD TIP.

 Just because your company has idiotic practices doesn't mean that you have
 to follow suit.

It's idiotic to speak about that crap!

thanks for your time. time to get back on topic.


Thanks for your input and you may be right, but you must also realize that this list governs itself, right?

If I get tried of reading the same pointless excessive signature over and over again and want to comment about it, I will.

Your opinion as to IF I should say something, or not, carries little weight. When you've donated enough time helping others on this list, then perhaps that will change. But for the moment, I think it's best for the OP to check with his work and see if he can reason with them. If not, I certainly have no reason to read the same "drivel" again and again. As such, I can skip questions posted by him -- and who does that hurt?

Now if you have a problem with the way we "moderate" this list, then post your objections and we'll all consider them and adapt what works. But as I see it, refusing to trim excessive signatures is not one that works well on this list. Remember, we all donate our time AND we choose who we help.




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