"Steve Werby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> "Arcady Genkin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If I understand correctly, vrfy does not wholy depend on that
> > functionality to be supported by the server.  I think that it simply
> > connects to the smtp port of the mail exchanger and emulates an email
> > delivery, aborting halfway.
> I hadn't used the tool until after this thread started, but it appears it
> uses the vrfy command when checking an email address, other flags let you
> check a domain's mx record or attempt to use the etrn command.
> IMO, it makes more sense to use PHP's built in functions that can do
> the same, but YMMV.  vrfy does appear to be a decent tool, my point
> was that when checking email addresses (not domains) most servers
> will deny the vrfy command and so it won't be very useful.  In fact,
> I tried a number of different email addresses on different hosts and
> all reported "Command Unimplemented".

You are right, by default the proggie is not very useful.  The "-n"
option is probably of the most utility:

       -n      Many  non-sendmail hosts do not, or incorrectly or
               incompletely, implement the  VRFY  command.  Other
               systems  have  VRFY  or  EXPN disabled for privacy
               reasons. This option uses an alternative  protocol
               suite  with  the regular HELO, MAIL, RCPT and RSET
               commands.  This gives  only  a  global  indication
               whether  the recipient is valid. Recursive mode is
               not possible, and will be disabled.

I've tried it with a number of email addresses, and it worked.

Of course, this can be coded in the PHP script, but it would require
elementary knowledge of SMTP protocol and more code to debug and
maintain.  For many people relying on an external utility like that
may have more advantages.
Arcady Genkin
i=1; while 1, hilb(i); i=i+1; end

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