"Arcady Genkin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If I understand correctly, vrfy does not wholy depend on that
> functionality to be supported by the server.  I think that it simply
> connects to the smtp port of the mail exchanger and emulates an email
> delivery, aborting halfway.

I hadn't used the tool until after this thread started, but it appears it
uses the vrfy command when checking an email address, other flags let you
check a domain's mx record or attempt to use the etrn command.

> Basically it wants to determine whether
> the mail exchanger would accept email for a given domain.  In most
> cases it won't give you 100% certainty that the email addy is legit,
> but at least you know that the domain part is not faked, and there is
> a mail exchanger willing to serve it.

I'll give you that b/c it does have a way to do it.  IMO, it makes more
sense to use PHP's built in functions that can do the same, but YMMV.  vrfy
does appear to be a decent tool, my point was that when checking email
addresses (not domains) most servers will deny the vrfy command and so it
won't be very useful.  In fact, I tried a number of different email
addresses on different hosts and all reported "Command Unimplemented".

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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