"Steve Werby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> "Clayton Dukes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > How can I write code that will search the database and check the
> > validity > of an email address, and if it's bad, to remove that
> > entry from the database?
> Like Tom said, use regex to check the email is of a valid format.  A small
> percentage of servers can be contacted to find whether an email address is
> valid, but fewer and fewer are allowing this so it's completely unreliable.

There's a nifty little open source program called `vrfy' which does
nice things about email veryfication.  Finding it is left as an
exercise to the interested (I found it in FreeBSD's ports).  Excerpt
from the man page:

       vrfy - Verify electronic mail addresses

       vrfy [options] [-v] address [host]
       vrfy [options] [-v] -f [file] [host]
       vrfy [options] [-v] -p domain
       vrfy [options] [-v] -T domain [name]

       vrfy  is  a tool to verify electronic mail addresses.  The
       only required parameter is the  address  to  be  verified.
       The  actual verification will be carried out at the remote
       machine where mail to the given address would normally  be
       delivered.   This  may be a mail exchange host and not the
       final destination host.  If an explicit host is  given  as
       the  second  argument  on  the command line, the specified
       address is verified at that machine.

       The output of the program shows whether or not the address
       can  be handled at the contacted host. Error messages will
       be printed if the address is invalid. If  the  address  is
       recognized,  the  output shows the remote host's notion of
       the (possibly translated)  address.  If  it  represents  a
       local  user at that host, additional information about the
       user may be displayed.

       Note that if the address  is  accepted  by  the  contacted
       host,  but  this  is  not  the final destination host, one
       still cannot be sure that the address represents  a  valid

       It is a handy tool to verify local mail addresses.
       If  you  have  set up a .forward file, you can verify your
       own address to check that the forwarding is done properly.
       If  you  specify  an arbitrary name, you can check whether
       this resolves to any valid recipients.

Arcady Genkin
i=1; while 1, hilb(i); i=i+1; end

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