I have pagination set up and the number for pages "next" has a link but
the "next" does not. I have experimented with all sorts of
configurations of the code but the only thing that works (and this is
totally "off the wall") is to do this
*$Count* = *mysql_num_rows($results);*
$Count1=*$Count++;* // without this, the "next" does not do the link---
but there is no other $Count1 in the code either in the original page or
the include page.
> the script should work even if u replace
> $Count1 = $Count++;
> with
> $Count++;

There's a NICE video tutorial available on pagination over the internet. You
should watch it.

You are counting the number of rows of a result. And you are asking to
increase the count by 1.   :D

Thats not realistic.

pagination is done with  the help of mySQL's * LIMIT recNUMBER, count*
Look for "Pagination with PHP + MySQL" and watchit


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