kranthi wrote:
> if $Count1 is never referenced after this, then certainly this
> assignment operation is redundent. but assignment is not the ONLY
> operation of this statement. if u hav not noticed a post increment
> operator has been used which will affect the value of $Count as well,
> and this operation is required for the script to work.
> the script should work even if u replace
> $Count1 = $Count++;
> with
> $Count++;
> Kranthi.
Not quite, since that would change the $Count variable and that is used
leater in the code.
But the problem seems to be solved as the paging needed the $Count1 wich
was not being supplied because I was debugging the code without enough
entries in the database. Once I had a larger base of info I was able to
see what the problem was. The code needed to determine how many
instances there are in the db of the search criteria and it was not
getting that; it was only getting the LIMIT of the query. So I added a
few lines to determine the total for $Count1 and it all works fine now.
:-) or until I find another glitch. ;-)
Thanks for the suggestion.

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