PJ wrote:
Since I have to use a number of Western languages that have those
annoying accents on many characters, I am already finding some
annoyances in my code results; like having to enter the á type of
stuff in inputs for searches & queries.
MySql db is set up for InnoDB with latin1_swedish_ci for Collation; I
believe this is default.

in that case you'd have to convert all your databases to utf8 / utf_general_ci

Utf-8 seems to be one way to overcome the problems, but is it the only
way - seems a little cumbersome as I have no need for oriental & other
extra-terrestrial cyphers. (I'm incorrigibly lazy.)

can't think of any good reason why you shouldn't be using utf-8..

If it is the only way, what difficulties could I expect from an ISP
hosting a virtual site?

none really AFAIK - but converting all your latin1 to utf-8 will be a very fun job indeed!

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