> I just converted all, or thought I did.
> phpMyAdmin: in the structure view of the db show Collation as
> latin_swedish_ci ???
> in the individual table structure views the fields show utf-8 general ???
> I don't see any difference on Firefox running on FreeBSD but it show
> correctly on Wimpy XP ??. In the web page the accent for French shows as
> a ? within a white diamond on FBSD.
> In the database the entry is the French chatacter with the accent.
> I'm now trying to figure out how to enter the accents on FBSD in
> Firefox. Nuts! This is torcher.
> How does one become truly international?
Without much argument you should just follow What Robert has told

Just dump your db and you can replace the collate to desired one and then
put back in DB server  et voila!

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