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> On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Daevid Vincent 
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> > I got that one done for you:
> > http://www.daevid.com/content/examples/roach.php
> >
> > p.s. the PHP code is absolute crap by the way. I inherited 
> the start of this
> > and just had to keep building on top of it, so i never got 
> time to re-write
> > it properly, only fix as I went.
> >
> > It's a dead project at this point, so someone is free to 
> pick up where I
> > left off as Lockdown is no more.
> Well, thanks for that; it seems like it's got a lot of features. A big
> one to examine would be looking at its integration with svn. But I
> like the "triage" assignment by default.
> It's a little disappointing though if you're selling it with the note
> of "the code is crap" ... :)
> I'll toss it over to my boss who is the one messing around with
> trac/redmine/etc and see what he has to say.

I just didn't want someone to think this was the caliber of code I wrote!

I cleaned up what I could, when I could, but we're not in the business of
writing a CR tracker -- so it got a small percentage of my time.

I am using Trac personally, but I'm not a fan of Trac's ticket system. Roach
is way more powerful in that respect, but the overall Wiki/SVN/Ticket/Plugin
integration outweighs the lacking Ticket system.

Roach is the best ticket system I've ever used -- and I say that honestly.
I'm stuck with FogBugz here at work and really don't like it. I hated
Bugzilla. I've tried a few others as well and didn't like them either. For
sure Roach isn't as polished or pretty or fancy-pants web 2.0 ajaxy. But it
is solid. it works well and shows the info you want when/where you want it.
It's fast. It's flexible. And IMHO it works the way developers work. Like I
said, 6 years of daily use by 25 developers really helped to refine what
mattered and what didn't. 

The hooks with SVN are also great. For example someone couldn't commit to
SVN without the corresponding CR in Roach in the commit message. I thought I
had the SVN pre-commit and post-commit hooks in the tarball, but apparently
not. They were written in Ruby, so maybe not so useful to you anyways. I'm
sure i have them somewhere if you really wanted them.


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