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> #1  Which one are we talking about?

Tickets/trackers (Bugzilla, Mantis, Roach, you name it) and SCM
integration tools (Redmine, Trac)

> #2  Having rarely used either, what are the main (must have) features?

For general purpose ticketing engine, it would need custom field
support. For specifically designed solutions it depends. For us we
only need a few fields, really. I've hacked together bits and pieces
in only a few minutes, we're using a custom one right now, but one
with active development would be nice - APIs and plugins for
extensibility, XML/RSS feeds, etc. Those aren't required but should
come standard nowadays...

> #3  What are the needed features that other OSS solutions don't offer?

Clean interface, easy reporting, integration with SCM (i.e. svn) -
various apps do various combinations of these. If it was done in PHP
it would be perfect as we could bolt on our custom authentication into
it. Trac is written in Python and Redmine in Ruby; we'd have to
re-code our authentication integration into one of those languages for

Oh, and multiple project support. Trac does not support this. Redmine
claims to. (as in, multiple svn repositories as well)

> #4  What are the great features missing from free and commercial apps?

I am not sure I've seen a commercial PHP app that does this.

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