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> >> Is there a moderator or some responsible party who is in charge of this
> >> list. Please delete my profile and stop sending messages. This is the
> >> 6th such request.
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> > As I and many others have said before, the  unsubscribe email address is
> > on EVERY header sent from the PHP list. Note, I mean headers and not
> > footers!
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> > Ash
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> Perhaps, but how many people actually (think to) look at e-mail
> message headers, other than the basic To, Subject, and Date that are
> usually plainly visible in mail clients? And it's not even like mail
> clients read the headers and add an Unsubscribe link/button to the UI
> when reading a message.  :-)

In most email clients, you can turn on full header display.

As a list admin on about six lists and a member of numerous lists, I
find it endlessly aggravating that people can't manage to unsubscribe
their own addresses to email lists. Our LUG has a "lists" page on its
website which clearly step-by-step indicates what must be done to
unsubscribe. Yet people never even look to see if there is such a page.
And then I've had people tell me they followed those instructions
exactly, and it didn't work. No, they didn't or it would have worked,
since people manage to follow those instructions successfully all the

My stance is, if you're going to subscribe to an email list, learn how
to unsubscribe, how to see if you've been inadvertantly unsubscribed,
learn email netiquette on lists, etc.

It reminds me of people who call tech support saying their mouse doesn't
work. Then you find out they've picked it up and pointed it at the
screen to make the pointer move (true story).

If you're going to own a car, learn how to drive it. If you're going to
own a computer, learn how to operate it. If you're going to program,
read a book about it first (yes, you P.J.).



Paul M. Foster

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