At 4:45 PM -0400 5/14/09, Andrew Ballard wrote:
On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Paul M Foster <> wrote:
 > My stance is, if you're going to subscribe to an email list, learn how
 to unsubscribe, how to see if you've been inadvertantly unsubscribed,
 > learn email netiquette on lists, etc.

I agree with you for the most part. I'm just saying that the presence
of unsubscribe information in the message headers themselves is of
very little value to most people.


I'm sure you don't disagrees, but I side with Paul with this clarification: People who subscribe to this list do not fall in to the "most" people category. (proof -- think of Rob) :-)

One must have some idea of what this list is about before subscribing to it. It's a deliberate act wherein the person has to travel from nonsubscriber to subscriber where along the way they are presented with information for them to read and agree as to what you are doing AND how to undo it.

If they choose to ignore/forget that information then I claim that does not excuse them from the responsibilities they agreed to at the time of their subscription.

Far too often in this current world of "political correctness" we must "feel" for the people who have made bad choices -- but I say "screw 'em" -- they should know better! :-)




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