Paul M Foster wrote:
On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 03:22:12PM -0500, Skip Evans wrote:

Hey all,

I'm inheriting a project that was unsuccessfully off-shored
and is now in such bad shape (I've seen the code. It's awful)
that they are firing the off-shore company and starting over.

One of the things the other company said was possible, and I'm
not familiar with... if I understand correctly, is to create a
CD with not just an Excel spreadsheet, but software on that CD
that when placed in another computer will open the
spreadsheet, allow it to be modified and rewritten back to the CD.

This is part of the requirements.

Does anyone know of such software and its name?

Maybe offshore, but not here. There are only two possibilities. First
include a copy of Excel on the CD and somehow make it autorun. Yeah,
Microsoft would *love* that. Second, include some other program which
would do the same thing. Good luck with that.

And now the kicker-- write the spreadsheet back to CD. Okay, maybe, if
it's a CD-RW. But who's going to pay attention to that little detail?
And as far as I know, writing to a CD is far more complicated than
writing to a hard drive. You can't overwrite data on a CD-RW. Once
written, it's written. You have to cover up the section that was written
to (in software), and then write the contents again. Eventually, you'll
run out of room. And it almost necessitates having a copy of some
CD-writing software on the CD, since there may not be such software on
the client machine. And all this assumes the user is running Windows.
The binaries for one OS won't run on a different OS.

Now, watch. Someone will get on and say, "Oh sure, you can do that with
such-and-such software. I did it the other day." In which case, just
forget I said anything. ;-}


or take the easy approach and use a memory card instead - or better yet inform them that you are a web developer and in these crazy modern times you can actually do this online or even "save to the internet" - crazy as it may seem.

and finally, the offshore company was fired for a reason, just say "no they were talking bollocks but we can offer you x y and z"

google spreadsheets

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