Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> Paul M Foster wrote:
>> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 03:22:12PM -0500, Skip Evans wrote:
>>> One of the things the other company said was possible, and I'm
>>> not familiar with... if I understand correctly, is to create a
>>> CD with not just an Excel spreadsheet, but software on that CD
>>> that when placed in another computer will open the
>>> spreadsheet, allow it to be modified and rewritten back to the CD.

It has to be a CD-RW, the CD-RW has to be in UDF format, and the host
machine has to be able to read and rewrite CD-RWs in UDF.  This is
actually not that tough to arrange--it just has nothing to do with
PHP.  'DozeXP should be able to do this, and Linux will do this if the
right kernel options are on.  Don't know about OS X.

>> Second, include some other program which
>> would do the same thing. Good luck with that.

OOO Calc, which should be just fine for basic tasks and is Free.

>> And now the kicker-- write the spreadsheet back to CD. Okay, maybe, if
>> it's a CD-RW. But who's going to pay attention to that little detail?
>> And as far as I know, writing to a CD is far more complicated than
>> writing to a hard drive. You can't overwrite data on a CD-RW.

UDF, which has been a standard for quite some time, allows this.  The
main thing you lose is some space on the CD-RW.

>I've never heard of anything like that, there are so many unknown
>variables that I would really feel for the poor team who had to take
>that project on!

It sounds like whoever defined the requirements was trying to solve a
problem in the wrong way.  Why drag physical media into this when you
have the Net available?  And if the clients don't have the Net
available, *why not*?

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