Matt Graham wrote:
> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> Paul M Foster wrote:
>>> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 03:22:12PM -0500, Skip Evans wrote:
>>>> One of the things the other company said was possible, and I'm
>>>> not familiar with... if I understand correctly, is to create a
>>>> CD with not just an Excel spreadsheet, but software on that CD
>>>> that when placed in another computer will open the
>>>> spreadsheet, allow it to be modified and rewritten back to the CD.
> It has to be a CD-RW, the CD-RW has to be in UDF format, and the host
> machine has to be able to read and rewrite CD-RWs in UDF.  This is
> actually not that tough to arrange--it just has nothing to do with
> PHP.  'DozeXP should be able to do this, and Linux will do this if the
> right kernel options are on.  Don't know about OS X.
>>> Second, include some other program which
>>> would do the same thing. Good luck with that.
> OOO Calc, which should be just fine for basic tasks and is Free.
>>> And now the kicker-- write the spreadsheet back to CD. Okay, maybe, if
>>> it's a CD-RW. But who's going to pay attention to that little detail?
>>> And as far as I know, writing to a CD is far more complicated than
>>> writing to a hard drive. You can't overwrite data on a CD-RW.
> UDF, which has been a standard for quite some time, allows this.  The
> main thing you lose is some space on the CD-RW.
>> I've never heard of anything like that, there are so many unknown
>> variables that I would really feel for the poor team who had to take
>> that project on!
> It sounds like whoever defined the requirements was trying to solve a
> problem in the wrong way.  Why drag physical media into this when you
> have the Net available?  And if the clients don't have the Net
> available, *why not*?

It *is* possible to be offline, and so far from anywhere that the only com links
are to satellites... (expensive).

I suspect that a USB key is a better option (and more physically portable) than

But why write an Excel spreadsheet - why not save the data in something more
portable like CSV that ExCel and read and write to once you are back at base?

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