Stephen wrote:

My sites are still viewable, and can be navigated. They just look strange.

Government workers are used to strange :)


My experience is that government web sites are often the worst, frequently designed in MS word using brutally illegal html that only works in IE.

They have fixed most of it, but one awful example was certain parts of the Shasta County website - MS word produced an html document involving really weird namespaces (illegal in html) that looked OK in IE - but in any other browser, you were presented with images of the text - images that then were scaled so you couldn't even read the text was written unless you clicked on an image and chose "view image" to see the image at it's native resolution.

That's why government sites need regulation about web design. Often they would rather let their secretary do the site in word than use some of their budget to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Laws that force them to meet certain standards forces them to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

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