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> I liken this sort of discussion to the dichotomy between movie critics
> and people who actually go and see movies. The critics inevitably have
> all sorts of snobby things to say about the movies which are best
> attended. I'm not sure why anyone listens to any critic on any subject.

that's a good metaphor.

the critic's first job (like the professional op ed writer) is to make sure
he or she keeps being read. take anthony lane in the new yorker for example.
actually i think he hates watching so many mainstream hollywood releases
week after week. he sure sounds like it. and his opinions on which movies to
watch aren't worth much. but he keeps my interest by being a great writer --
his snobbery and cleverness is so witty that's quite appealing and it helps
me hone the wit of my snobbery and cleverness, or so i perhaps unconsciously
hope. an opinion doesn't have to be right to be valuable.

an apt metaphor indeed.

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