Paul M Foster wrote:
On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 01:25:42PM -0400, PJ wrote
I've been using div's with in css float and only setting width of elements, that way your div grow dynamically pending on data size. it takes some time figuring it out but you should be able to find examples on the net.

I know of no better place to ask. This may not be strictly a PHP issue,
I am busting my hump trying to format rather large input pages with CSS
and trying to avoid tables; but it looks to me like I am wasting my time
as positioning with CSS seems an impossibly tortuous exercise. I've
managed to do some pages with CSS, but I feel like I am shooting myself
in the foot or somewhere...
Perhaps I am too demanding. I know that with tables, the formatting is
ridiculously fast.
Any thoughts, observations or recommendations?

I think it's pretty telling that on a list of professionals who create
websites constantly, the overwhelming concensus is that for forms,
tables are the preferred solution.

I liken this sort of discussion to the dichotomy between movie critics
and people who actually go and see movies. The critics inevitably have
all sorts of snobby things to say about the movies which are best
attended. I'm not sure why anyone listens to any critic on any subject.


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