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It seems to me that things like header, navigation, content, and footer would be pretty standardized. However, in some sites the header called the banner, footer is called copyright, navigation is called side-bar, and content is called wrapper or something even less semantic.

When the simpletons can't agree, then there's not much hope for the complexetons. :-)

In case anyone is looking for statistics ...

Just looked at my site - as the terms you used looked familiar.

Content is in a div with id 'content'
Page specific navigation is in a div with id 'pagenav' which is a child of the content div.

Sitewide navigation is in a div with id 'navigation' and is below the content div in actual html (makes it work better with text browsers like links) but renders as a side div on the right side of the page.

Header is in a div titled 'docheader'

I believe I used that opposed to 'header' because 'header' is often used to describe an http header and/or the head section of the (x)html - though true, not in an ID tag. So it felt wrong to use the id header for it.

I don't use a document footer div.

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