Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Nathan Rixham wrote:
Java anyone?

eh? how do you get java from that?

user requests content
sub-client required and application location are sent to users client.
sub-client is launched within users client
sub-client loads required application
application connects to server application(s) and requests content.
application determines how content functions, updates and renders.


finally, if the sub-client was independent, ie not limited to use in
clients, could be used on desktops, phones, inside tv hardware etc as
well, then our content could be viewed and applications used virtually


Also, have you ever looked at:  I built one
of their small tutorial apps several years ago but it looks much more
mature now.

looked at, never used to be honest, any good?

Haven't tried it in a while, but might be worth an evening of playing
with it now that it has matured.

and now I see how you get java - flash is more lightweight though and v
good with fp10 and as3, hell you can even use alchemy to add c code to
your flash apps now, and it's much quicker than as3 code because its
optimized during swf compilation. will make for some killer 3d apps.

I have only briefly played with Flash or Java and it's been a couple of
years. It just sounded like Java to me when you were explaining it.
It's hard for me to remember who the Java versus Flash proponents are,
so I expected a Java punchline instead of the Flash one :-)

lol I'm PHP, Java, Flash / Flex (well AS3 to be specific) - but technologies aside I'm all for anything that promotes the model outlined, only really use AS3 and Java because they allow me to point as much work as possible towards this - and php in the middle.

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