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on 05/20/2009 11:09 AM Paul M Foster said the following:
> Both this class and Manuel Lemos' form generation class (from
> phpclasses.org) will create beautiful forms for you. However, you may
> find that the amount of [repetitive] typing you do will be equivalent or
> greater than simply creating the form by hand.
> The best solution would probably be a form you fill out which asks you
> about all the fields you want, and then generates the code to paint the
> form. There are commercial solutions which do this, and some (not that
> great) free solutions. I'm working on one myself, which will eventually
> be a sourceforge/freshmeat project.

Thank you for mentioning my package, but I am not sure what you mean.

The Forms Generation and Validation package seems to do exactly what you
describe and more.

IMHO, creating forms by hand is by no means simpler, especially if you
want to include browser side (Javascript) validation.

I mean, I am not masochist to create something that will give me more
work in the end to develop PHP forms based applications than if I would
type HTML manually.

Furthermore, the plug-ins that come with the package dramatically reduce
the amount of code you need to type to achieve the same generating
common HTML inputs manually.

Anyone can judge by yourself by going here and see several example forms
and the actual code that it takes to generate them:


For instance this scaffolding plug-in generates CRUD forms that you
often need to manage data stored for instance in databases.


For those interested to check it out, the actual class package can be
downloaded from here:


Here you may watch an extensive tutorial video that covers practically
all features:


Thanks manuel.

I will check out the class.

Much appreciated your response.



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